Expose your TiddlyWiki throughout your home

If you have a TiddlyWiki site that you want to be able to access throughout your home on computers, smartphones and tablets the easiest approach is as follows: Create a Node WebServer Install NodeJS brew install node Navigate to your tiddlywiki page cd <tiddlywiki folder> npm init npm install express --save touch server.js Edit server.js... Continue Reading →

Creating a TiddlyWiki TiddlyMap

TiddlyMap allows us to create tiddlers and link them together graphically Install TiddlyWiki Go to https://tiddlywiki.com/ and click Download Emptyrename the downloaded empty.html to tiddlymap.htmlopen tiddlymap.html in Firefox (this is the most stable browser for tiddlywiki Install TiddlyMap navigate to http://tiddlymap.org/ in a separate browser (not a tab)search for installation drag the first link (TW5-TiddlyMap)... Continue Reading →

Add Tasks to our TiddlyWiki Page

Python multi-track We're really excited to tell you about our upcoming Python multi-track training course - a revolution in training, reference, documentation, and code Register Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg1KbpV2UNA&feature=youtu.be this post follows on from Create a simple TiddlyWiki Page Create some tasks create a task called Take out the garbageadd a tagname of Tasks Edit ToDo to... Continue Reading →

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