The US (and UK) Computer Industry is Dying

I wouldn’t normally copy somebody else’s post in full but this message is so important and is also relevant to Tier 2 visa abuse here in the UK This is my promised third column in a series about the effect of H-1B visa abuse on U.S. technology workers and ultimately on the U.S. economy.... Continue Reading →

Apple Devices Hacked and Held For Ransom in Australia

"Apparently iOS and OS X users are waking up to a message on their phones that says they’ve been locked out, with a brief messaging asking for money, about $50 from PayPal, for the account to be re-opened. It’s still foggy how users are being locked out, but sources speaking with The Sydney Morning Herald suspect it... Continue Reading →

Managed Services Providers – Discrimination by Proxy

Skills421 has recently tendered for and won Government project work directly.  Whilst this is great news, the concern with public sector work is the time it takes to get paid.  With the ongoing recession, the Government has mandated that small business should be paid expediently - so no more 3 months wait to get paid.... Continue Reading →

Weaponised Nanotech to disable predators

Christmas has been a great opportunity to catch up on Ted Talks and Technology news and one thing that struck me during this exploration of new frontiers is the massive potential for nanotechnology to be used to protect our banks and businesses in the future. Currently banks and jewellers have amongst their arsenal of weapons... Continue Reading →

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