Drools: Decision Tables and MVEL – Quirk? Feature? Consequence?

drinkingrules I had a very interesting experience today with Drools Decision Tables and MVEL. My Decision Table has a consequence that refers to $person.name - using MVEL. It compiled, it ran and it worked. But, I had a setup.drl File in the same rule package as the Decision Table, and in that setup.drl I set... Continue Reading →

Drools 6.x Decision Table Example

Creating the Project Open EclipseNew -> Maven Project (simple project)Simple ProjectGroup Id: com.skills421.examples.droolsArtifact Id: Drools6.xDecisionTableExampleFinish Structure pom.xml Facts Fact.java Person.java RuleResponse.java RuleRunner RuleRunnerException.java RuleRunner.java Rules Setup.drl DrinkingRules.xls drinkingrules Main Main.java kmodule.xml kmodule.xml Output

Drools6.1 and JavaFX8 with Java8 – Genealogy Rules

I wanted to create a simple project that integrated Drools6.0 with JavaFX8 using Java8 and some of its new features.  So, here goes. Objective We are going to go back to one of the classic problems of Genealogy.  You're tracing your family tree and you've found hundreds of people who could be related but matching... Continue Reading →

Connecting Drools 5.6 with Spring 3.x

This post is concerned predominantly with linking Spring3.x and Drools5.6. We will configure Spring, Drools and create a simple rule to test that we are up and running. Add the Drools Plug-in to Spring STS Start Eclipse Help -> Install New Software Work With: http://download.jboss.org/drools/release/5.5.0.Final/org.drools.updatesite/ click the "Add" button Name: Drools Check the Drools and... Continue Reading →

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