Create a Simple JPA Query

Create a simple PostgreSQL Database Table psql mydb mydb=# create user john with password 'secret'; CREATE ROLE mydb=# create table person( personid serial, name varchar(30), age integer, height decimal (4,2) ); NOTICE: CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence "person_personid_seq" for serial column "person.personid" CREATE TABLE mydb=# grant all on person to john; GRANT mydb=# GRANT USAGE,... Continue Reading →

Creating a Simple Postgres Database

Download and install Postgres Download Postgres from the Download Site For the Mac, download the Postgres App Edit the Path Variable On a Mac Open a Terminal Session Add the following line to your .profile export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/ run your .profile . ./.profile Start the Postgres Database by clicking the Postgres app Create a Database psql... Continue Reading →

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