Personal Data: Not nearly as safe as you think

Ok, so Apple's iCloud is in the news for data breaches, Facebook is constantly in the news with privacy issues; other social media sites get hammered by the media on a regular basis and let's not forget that in the absence of a good story, the media itself will hack your phones to look for … Continue reading Personal Data: Not nearly as safe as you think

Mac Security

Some great links on Mac Security, firewalls, anti-virus and apps to watch the other apps. Mac Security Basics - A great little article on how to set up your Mac security. Little Snitch - A review of the app that snitches when the other apps misbehave Download Little Snitch Safari Java Plugin - how to disable it … Continue reading Mac Security

Wifi and Network Security

Security when out and about, when using shared wifi and when staying in a hotel is always a major concern.One useful tool for added protection is a Virtual Private Network.Here are a few useful links:Hotspot Shield ReviewsPCMag.comBestVPN.comDownload.comHotspot ShieldVPN for MacVPN for WindowsVPN for iPhoneVPN for Android