Neo4j – Integrate Graphileon

Create a Neo4j Graph complete the steps in Neo4j - First Stepsleave your GraphDB instance running Determine the Connection Credentials Enter :server status into the URL Box of Neo4j Desktop Enter :server status into the URL Box of Neo4j Desktop Install Graphileon Download Graphileon from https://graphileon.comInstall GraphileonRun Graphileon Configure Graphileon enter all the connection properties... Continue Reading →

Docker Overview

Download Docker Download Docker Community Edition: click Get Docker CE from Docker Store Test your Installation launch docker by double clicking the app you installed Open a command shell Note that Docker looks for the nginx webserver locally and if it does not find it, then downloads it. Open web browser and go to... Continue Reading →

Intellij IDEA: maven clean install

Python multi-track We're really excited to tell you about our upcoming Python multi-track training course - a revolution in training, reference, documentation, and code Follow our Kickstarter Project Video Quick Steps View -> Tool Windows -> Maven ProjectOpens your projects in a sub-windowClick on the arrow next to your projectClick on LifecycleClick on... Continue Reading →

Install Gnu Compilers on Mac OS

Download latest version of XCode Open Terminal Session enter the following: xcode-select --install This will prompt you to install the command line developer tools click install Download the latest gnu compilers from here latest archive of the GNU compilers in terminal cd to your downloads folder containing the downloaded file run the following command: sudo tar xvf... Continue Reading →

Install OSX Yosemite on a second bootable partition

For those registered developers who are looking to create a second bootable partition on their computer onto which to install OSX Yosemite - here are two earlier blogs that cover it. Create a Second Bootable OSX Partition Create a Bootable USB to install OSX Better Yet! Check out this Yosemite Video...

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