Docker Overview

Download Docker

Download Docker Community Edition:
click Get Docker CE from Docker Store

Test your Installation

launch docker by double clicking the app you installed

Open a command shell

docker version
docker run hello-world
docker run -d -p 80:80 --name webserver nginx

Note that Docker looks for the nginx webserver locally and if it does not find it, then downloads it.

Open web browser and go to http://localhost

docker container stop webserver
docker start webserver
docker ps
docker container rm -f webserver
docker run --name static-site-2 -e AUTHOR="Your Name" -d -p 8888:80 dockersamples/static-site
docker stop static-site
docker rm static-site
docker pull ubuntu:12.04
docker pull ubuntu
docker pull tomcat
docker container rm webserver
docker run -it --rm tomcat:8.0
docker pull ubuntu

Writing a Dockerfile

docker pull ubuntu


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