Python Multi-track training course is here Not just a training course... This isn't just a training course but a whole knowledge base including: Fast Track training videos, notes, and code to enable you to develop your first complete project in a matter of hoursDetail Track training videos, notes, and code to enable you to drill down deeper for more and... Continue Reading →

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Expose your TiddlyWiki throughout your home

If you have a TiddlyWiki site that you want to be able to access throughout your home on computers, smartphones and tablets the easiest approach is as follows: Create a Node WebServer Install NodeJS brew install node Navigate to your tiddlywiki page cd <tiddlywiki folder> npm init npm install express --save touch server.js Edit server.js... Continue Reading →

MacOs Catalina Second Screen (update)

Well, having resolved my second screen issues yesterday and worked for several hours without issue, I shut down my computer. This morning there's no second screen again. A really simple solution So, here's my really simple solution - hope it helps somebody out there. Pull out the cableget an old Apple Tvattach the screen to... Continue Reading →

Creating a TiddlyWiki TiddlyMap

TiddlyMap allows us to create tiddlers and link them together graphically Install TiddlyWiki Go to and click Download Emptyrename the downloaded empty.html to tiddlymap.htmlopen tiddlymap.html in Firefox (this is the most stable browser for tiddlywiki Install TiddlyMap navigate to in a separate browser (not a tab)search for installation drag the first link (TW5-TiddlyMap)... Continue Reading →

Add Tasks to our TiddlyWiki Page

Python multi-track We're really excited to tell you about our upcoming Python multi-track training course - a revolution in training, reference, documentation, and code Register Now this post follows on from Create a simple TiddlyWiki Page Create some tasks create a task called Take out the garbageadd a tagname of Tasks Edit ToDo to... Continue Reading →

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