Neo4j – Match Queries

MATCH (n:Materials) RETURN n MATCH (n:Materials)OPTIONAL MATCH (n)--(m)RETURN n,m LIMIT 20   MATCH (n:Materials) OPTIONAL MATCH (n)--(m) OPTIONAL MATCH (m)--(o) RETURN n,m,o LIMIT 20 MATCH path=(:Materials) RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-->( ) RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-->(:Category) RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-[*..1]->() RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-[*..2]->() RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-[*]->() RETURN path

Oracle OPM: Error opening Rule Assistant in word

The Scenario Running on a Mac Running VirtualBox as follows: - Windows 10 - Office 365 - Oracle Policy Modelling (OPM) Create Project in OPM Click on Rules Tab Double click on the Word Document to enter the rules The Problem Click on Rule Assistant Get the following popup warning: The document's project needs to... Continue Reading →

Docker Overview

Download Docker Download Docker Community Edition: click Get Docker CE from Docker Store Test your Installation launch docker by double clicking the app you installed Open a command shell Note that Docker looks for the nginx webserver locally and if it does not find it, then downloads it. Open web browser and go to... Continue Reading →

Create a Simple Maven Plugin

In this post we are going to create a simple maven plugin that prints out the message "Hello World" during the build process of a project. Create a Maven Project create a Maven project for our plugin development.  The details are as follows: Group Id: com.skills421.maven.pluginArtifact Id: HelloWorld-maven-pluginVersion: 1.0-SNAPSHOT Project name: HelloWorldProject location: /Development/Skills421/Training/MavenPlugins/HelloWorld Edit the pom as follows... Continue Reading →

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