Import Stackoverflow into Neo4j

Download the Stackoverflow Archives Install p7zip brew install p7zip Unzip the Posts, Users and Tags 7za -y -oextracted x *Users.7z7za -y -oextracted x *Tags.7z7za -y -oextracted x *Posts.7z Review the Extracted XML files Users.xml - 3.53GBTags.xml - 5MBPosts.xml - 74GB Clone stackoverflow-neo4j git clone Install Python brew install python3sudo pip3 install xmltodict Extract... Continue Reading →

Neo4j – Integrate Graphileon

Create a Neo4j Graph complete the steps in Neo4j - First Stepsleave your GraphDB instance running Determine the Connection Credentials Enter :server status into the URL Box of Neo4j Desktop Enter :server status into the URL Box of Neo4j Desktop Install Graphileon Download Graphileon from https://graphileon.comInstall GraphileonRun Graphileon Configure Graphileon enter all the connection properties... Continue Reading →

Neo4j – First Steps

Install and Run Neo4j Desktop Download Neo4j Desktop ( the downloaded filerun the Neo4j Desktop app Create your First Project Add a Graph Click Add Graphclick Create a Local GraphName your GraphSet a PasswordClick Create Start your Graph Click Start Launch the Neo4j Browser Click Neo4j Browser Create your first Nodes always work... Continue Reading →

AWS – Create S3 Buckets

Create Empty Storage Buckets Login to Console ( in to ConsoleSelect S3Create Configure Bucket Select S3Select myurl.comProperties -> LoggingEnable loggingTarget Bucket: logs.myurl.comTarget prefix: root/Properties -> Static website hostinguse this bucket to host a websiteindex.htmlerror.html Configure Bucket Policy Select S3Select myurl.comPermissions -> Bucket Policy { "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Sid": "Allow Public Access... Continue Reading →

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