Drools6.1 and JavaFX8 with Java8 – Genealogy Rules

I wanted to create a simple project that integrated Drools6.0 with JavaFX8 using Java8 and some of its new features.  So, here goes. Objective We are going to go back to one of the classic problems of Genealogy.  You're tracing your family tree and you've found hundreds of people who could be related but matching... Continue Reading →

Using JavaFX8 to Drag Connected Shapes

Objective In this example we are going to create three connected circles as per the image below: and we will be able to drag these circles around the screen using the mouse: The Code Create the class examples001.ConnectedShapes.java as follows: ConnectedShapes Run the code by right clicking on the file and selecting Run File. Reviewing the... Continue Reading →

Create a Default JavaFX8 Application

To create tje JavaFX Examples I am going to use Netbeans 8 with Java 8. Create a JavaFX Project Open NetBeansFile -> New Project -> JavaFX -> JavaFX ApplicationProject Name: JavaFX8ExamplesJavaFX Platform: JDK 1.8 (Default) This will create and open the file javafx8examples.JavaFX8Examples.java JavaFX8Examples Run the Application To run the code either click Run Project... Continue Reading →

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