Connecting Drools 5.6 to Camel to Fire Rules on Distributed Knowledge Sessions

Objective In this post we are going to create a Drools Stateful Knowledge Session and bind it to a JNDI address. We will then use Camel to fire all the rules in that session. This is useful where we wish to have multiple Knowledge Sessions on multiple servers. This example uses the Drools Grid -... Continue Reading →

Retrieving Local Files from a JMS Queue

In this example, we will retrieve the messages we put on the message queue in post Sending Local Files to a JMS Queue and stored them locally. Edit Add the retrieveFileFromJMS method to the JMSCopier class as follows: Edit Add the method testRetrieveLocalFilesFromJMSQueue to the JMSCopierTest class as follows: Note, you will... Continue Reading →

Copying Files using Camel

This post continues on from Copying Files Using Java Edit Edit the file to add a new copyFile method, giving the following code Edit Edit the code to add a second Test Case as follows: Remember to change your inputPath and outputPath to match your own filesystem. Run the... Continue Reading →

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