EAP Webservice with Camel on Openshift – part 2

This post follows on from EAP Webservice with Camel on Openshift – part 1Part3 – Moving our EAP to Openshift can be found here Part 2 - Deploying to JBoss EAP Overview For the last few days I have been getting to grips with JBoss Openshift, which is JBoss' answer to PAAS - Platform as a Service. Like all relatively... Continue Reading →

Connecting Drools 5.6 to Camel to Fire Rules on Distributed Knowledge Sessions

Objective In this post we are going to create a Drools Stateful Knowledge Session and bind it to a JNDI address. We will then use Camel to fire all the rules in that session. This is useful where we wish to have multiple Knowledge Sessions on multiple servers. This example uses the Drools Grid -... Continue Reading →

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