Drools: Decision Tables and MVEL – Quirk? Feature? Consequence?

drinkingrules I had a very interesting experience today with Drools Decision Tables and MVEL. My Decision Table has a consequence that refers to $person.name - using MVEL. It compiled, it ran and it worked. But, I had a setup.drl File in the same rule package as the Decision Table, and in that setup.drl I set... Continue Reading →

Drools 6.x Decision Table Example

Creating the Project Open EclipseNew -> Maven Project (simple project)Simple ProjectGroup Id: com.skills421.examples.droolsArtifact Id: Drools6.xDecisionTableExampleFinish Structure pom.xml Facts Fact.java Person.java RuleResponse.java RuleRunner RuleRunnerException.java RuleRunner.java Rules Setup.drl DrinkingRules.xls drinkingrules Main Main.java kmodule.xml kmodule.xml Output

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