Git QuickRef

Clone a remote repository locally cd to target directorygit clone <remote uri> Change local branch git checkout <branchname> Create a local branch and Push to remote branch git checkout -b <branchname>git add .git commit -m "commit message"git push -u origin <remote-branchname>e.ggit push -u origin mastergit push -u origin dev Overwrite all local changes from remote... Continue Reading →

Publish Intellij IDEA Java Project to GitHub

Git Integration comes as standard with Intellij IDEA 14.x.x Register GitHub Account in Intellij IDEA Intellij IDEA -> preferences (⌘ Comma)-> Version Comtrol -> GitHub Enter your login and password and click Test.ApplyOK Publish Project VCS -> Import into Version Control -> Share Project on GitHub   ShareSelect the files you want to version and... Continue Reading →

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