Search Engine Optimisation

The following links cover a host of concepts and checks for Search Engine Optimisation of your web site: Advertising Google Adwords Broadcasting Your Posts Hints and Tips Improve your Google Ranking HTML Meta Tags Cache Control Making Money Google Adsense Site Checks SEO Site Checkup Web Site Optimization Pear Analytics Website and Domain Information... Continue Reading →


The following are a group of really useful articles on how to create Infographics and what tools are available to create them: Infographic Discussion 20+ Tools to Create your own Infographics How to Create an Infographic with Keynote How to Create Infographics in Powerpoint 5 Tools for Creating your own Infographics List of Infographics Software... Continue Reading →

Tomcat in Eclipse, set Java Version

Open Eclipse Window -> Show View -> Servers Double click your existing Tomcat Server click 'Open launch configuration' Classpath Bootstrap Entities Remove existing JRE if necessary (click Remove) Advanced -> Add Library -> OK JRE System Library ->  Alternate JRE -> Installed JREs Add -> Standard VM /Library/Java/Java Virtual Machines ... path to jdk  

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