Java and Web


  • by Rahul Rana
    While working on a project for test automation, you’d require all the Selenium dependencies associated with it. Usually these dependencies are downloaded and upgraded manually throughout the project lifecycle, but as the project gets bigger, managing dependencies can be quite challenging. This is why you need build automation tools, such as Maven, to handle them […]
  • by Otavio Santana
    Micronaut is an open-source, JVM-based framework for building full-stack, modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications. Unlike reflection-based IoC frameworks that load and cache reflection data for every single field, method, and constructor in your code, with Micronaut, your application startup time and memory consumption are not bound to the size of your codebase. Micronaut's […]
  • by Justin Albano
    In the latest DZone Spotlight interview, I highlight longtime contributor and Java expert, Justin Albano (DZone Profile). Learn about Justin in this in-depth profile on what they do, a trending DZone article they had, all-time favorite video game, an Andy Hunt story, their Brian Goetz inspiration, and what some of their hobbies are. For those […]
  • by Taruvai Subramaniam
    Microservices are often built with the Spring Boot framework and deployed with Docker. This paper looks at two common options for Dockerizing Spring Boot applications. Throughout we will use a simple REST application as a running example. We will use Spring Tool Suite to build the application, though neither the IDE nor the application matter […]
  • by Gunter Rotsaert
    This year’s edition of J-Spring, organized by the NLJUG, went digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From the 23rd up to and including the 26th of June, every day two technical talks have been held. We attended this digital version of J-Spring and want to share some of our impressions. Enjoy! 1. Introduction Due to […]
  • by Chandra Shekhar Pandey
    While working on customer's production setup we got an opportunity to analyze his code and configuration. Problem customer faced was that during high traffic, application become unresponsive and it doesn't accept any further request. Only workaround was to restart the application. The pplication was deployed on Red Hat Fuse 6.3.0. DB Team analyzed that there […]
  • by Matthieu Duchemin
    Introduction There is a common end-goal to most sheet of formatted data. We want to analyze, compare, and use the full dataset that we have gathered. If the data have been gathered in separate sheet and tables, sometimes with duplicated entries, we need to be able to merge all of it into a simple easy-to-use […]
  • by Mauricio Magnani
    In the previous article in this series introduced our thoughts on setting up a mission-critical open source Java platform using high availability in our Web layer. In this article we'll continue by installing WildFly and configure our platforms topology. Note: the terminology in this article, where possible, has been adjusted from the traditional master / […]
  • by Mauricio Magnani
    Currently the Java platform is one of the most consolidated in the world, much of this is due to platform's ability to support other languages such as Kotlin, Groovy and Scala, etc. Thousands of web and mobile applications are developed using the platform as a base. The Java platform has changed a lot in recent […]
  • by Yuri Mednikov
    Recently I started to learn Clojure, and usually, my first phase is to complete small programming exercises. To practice Clojure I decided to solve some CodingBat problems. A common task here is to check, if an array does contain some value. The expected result should be a boolean value. When I moved to practical implementations, […]

Web Development

  • by Alexandre Gama
    Hey friends! This is the blog post version of the Youtube video from the 30 Ruby Coding Challenges in 30 Days series
  • by Irene Li
    Awareness Kit provides your app with the ability to obtain contextual information, including users' current time, location, behavior, audio device status, ambient light, weather, and nearby beacons. There are two types of APIs in Awareness Kit — Capture API and Barrier API. The Capture API allows the app to request the current user status and […]
  • by Alexandre Gama
    Hey friends! This is the blog post version of the Youtube video from the 30 Ruby Coding Challenges in 30 Days series
  • by Solace Infotech
    The impact of mobile phones is huge in the connection of the digital revolution all around the globe. The e-commerce industry is a result of this digital transformation. It has exceptionally progressed with the bloom in mobile application development. Nowadays, every e-commerce company is launching a custom mobile app for business. The primary issue in […]
  • by Rajeev Barde
    Xpath is widely used in Selenium for web automation testing. We all have gone through challenges to find perfect XPath for that web element yet due to time constrain or ease to get and XPath via default browser finder or some chrome plugin makes leads to a very poor XPath selection for web element identification. Well, […]
  • by krissanawatt kaewsanmunag
    React Native is a framework for building cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android. There are lots of materials with which to learn React Native and in this article, I will show the best 10 resources to learn React Native development. For each learning material, I will talk about the entry behavior, time to complete, content, […]
  • by Peter Eijgermans
    If you're looking to build a powerful PWA that takes advantage of the hardware on a device, things are only going to get better. In my previous post, I explained the fundamental concepts of PWA. In this article, I will discuss some PWA features that provide access to your hardware APIs: Media Capture API, to […]
  • by Puneet Singh Raghav
    There’s nothing like receiving real feedback from your users. But the question is how to capture that feedback. Here we will discuss everything about how you should prompt them, when you should prompt them, and what tools can be used to capture the user’s feedback in react native application.  Let’s have a look at some […]
  • by Irene Li
    All About Maps Let's talk about maps. I started an open-source project called All About Maps ( In this project, I aim to demonstrate how we can implement the same map related use cases with different map providers in one codebase. We will use Mapbox Maps, Google Maps, and Huawei HMS Map Kit. This project […]
  • by Juanzi Li
    Web APIs and applications are increasingly becoming a target. Gartner predicts that by 2022, the #1 attack vector for enterprise applications will be the API. Not only can end-users upload viruses, but attackers can craft specialized attack malware and upload this content through your public web application. Once uploaded, these threats can move through your […]