Application Driven Testing of Drools with Fitnesse – part 1

Other Posts in this Series Application Driven Testing of Drools with Fitnesse - part 2 Overview Just as we can use JUnit as an integral part of Test Driven Development (TDD), we can also use Fitnesse as an integral part of Application Test Driven Development. What does Fitnesse give us Fitnesse provides a Wiki front end... Continue Reading →

Drools5.6 Basic Example

Creating the Project Open Eclipse (Kepler) New -> Maven Project Simple Project Group Id: com.skills421.examples.drools Artifact Id: Drools5.6Example Finish pom.xml Rule Runner src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.controller.RuleRunner Person src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.model.Person Main src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.Main Rules src/main/resources test1.drl Output

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