Working with Accumulate

This example follows on from Drools5.6 Basic Example This is a quick example that shows a very simple use of the accumulate statement. Problem Write a rule that accumulates and stores the number of iPhone and Android devices owned by students, so that further rules can analyse and act on that information. The Code pom.xml … Continue reading Working with Accumulate

Drools5.6 Basic Example

Creating the Project Open Eclipse (Kepler) New -> Maven Project Simple Project Group Id: com.skills421.examples.drools Artifact Id: Drools5.6Example Finish pom.xml Rule Runner src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.controller.RuleRunner Person src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.model.Person Main src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.Main Rules src/main/resources test1.drl Output