Import Stackoverflow into Neo4j

Download the Stackoverflow Archives Install p7zip brew install p7zip Unzip the Posts, Users and Tags 7za -y -oextracted x *Users.7z7za -y -oextracted x *Tags.7z7za -y -oextracted x *Posts.7z Review the Extracted XML files Users.xml - 3.53GBTags.xml - 5MBPosts.xml - 74GB Clone stackoverflow-neo4j git clone Install Python brew install python3sudo pip3 install xmltodict Extract... Continue Reading →

Neo4j – Integrate Graphileon

Create a Neo4j Graph complete the steps in Neo4j - First Stepsleave your GraphDB instance running Determine the Connection Credentials Enter :server status into the URL Box of Neo4j Desktop Enter :server status into the URL Box of Neo4j Desktop Install Graphileon Download Graphileon from https://graphileon.comInstall GraphileonRun Graphileon Configure Graphileon enter all the connection properties... Continue Reading →

Neo4j – First Steps

Install and Run Neo4j Desktop Download Neo4j Desktop ( the downloaded filerun the Neo4j Desktop app Create your First Project Add a Graph Click Add Graphclick Create a Local GraphName your GraphSet a PasswordClick Create Start your Graph Click Start Launch the Neo4j Browser Click Neo4j Browser Create your first Nodes always work... Continue Reading →

Neo4j – Match Queries

MATCH (n:Materials) RETURN n MATCH (n:Materials)OPTIONAL MATCH (n)--(m)RETURN n,m LIMIT 20   MATCH (n:Materials) OPTIONAL MATCH (n)--(m) OPTIONAL MATCH (m)--(o) RETURN n,m,o LIMIT 20 MATCH path=(:Materials) RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-->( ) RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-->(:Category) RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-[*..1]->() RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-[*..2]->() RETURN path MATCH path=(:Materials)-[*]->() RETURN path

MEAN Links

JavaScript W3 Schools - JavaScript Mozilla Developer Network - JavaScript ECMA ECMAScript ECMAScript6 (ES6) Exploring ES6 Exploring JavaScript Node Node.js Express.js Mongoose MongoDB MongoDB

NodeJS & MongoDB – create simple API

Setup Project mkdir <projectdir>/helloworldcd helloworldnpm init name: version: description: Hello World API entry point: server.js test command: git repository: keywords: author: John Dunning license: npm install --save express body-parser mongoose bluebirdnpm install -g nodemonatom . Create server.js Create Model open Atomcreate folders  app app/model app/model/person.js Start MongoDB mongod Start the Server nodemon server.js Check the... Continue Reading →

NodeJS & MongoDB Development Environment

Atom IDE DownloadUnzip and drag to installation locationOpen AtomMenu Bar -> Atom -> Install Shell Commands Open a terminal sessionatom . (opens atom in the current working directory)Menu Bar -> Atom PreferencesInstall -> Search and click Packages to find and install atom-beautify atom-jade json-converter jsonlint linter language-babel pretty-json Node (manual) - not preferred Continue Reading →

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