Python Multi-track training course is here Not just a training course... This isn't just a training course but a whole knowledge base including: Fast Track training videos, notes, and code to enable you to develop your first complete project in a matter of hoursDetail Track training videos, notes, and code to enable you to drill down deeper for more and... Continue Reading →

Spring 3 – Injecting Values with XML Config

Overview This post demonstrates setting Spring Bean property values using an xml config file. The example demonstrates the following principles: setter injection constructor injection (by index) multiple argument injection (by name) bean injection by reference list injection (by value and by reference) aliases Example The following example is presented as a Maven Project.  The Spring... Continue Reading →

Spring 3 – Basic Example

Creating the Project Open Eclipse (Kepler) New -> Maven Project Simple Project Group Id: com.skills421.examples.spring Artifact Id: Spring3.2.6Example Finish pom.xml Person bean src/main/java com.skills421.examples.spring.model.Person ApplicationContext src/main/resources ApplicationContext.xml Main src/main/java com.skills421.examples.spring.Main Output

Business Support and Funding

Looking for Grants, Loans or Investment in your Business or ideas? Here are a few useful links that may help you get started: Business Startup Grants How to Apply for a Business Grant Finance Finance and Support for your Business Business Gateway Innovate UK Enterprise and Industry - European Commission EU - Access... Continue Reading →

Exciting Workshops on the Skills421 Training Courses

IT Training Courses Skills421 ( specialises in Java and Java Enterprise Classroom Led IT Training Courses. These courses are offered both as 5 days courses during the week and 2 day courses during the Weekends. Along with our Java courses we also offer 5 Day and Weekend classes in Rule Engine technology - specifically JBOSS... Continue Reading →

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