Retrieving Local Files from a JMS Queue

In this example, we will retrieve the messages we put on the message queue in post Sending Local Files to a JMS Queue and stored them locally. Edit Add the retrieveFileFromJMS method to the JMSCopier class as follows: Edit Add the method testRetrieveLocalFilesFromJMSQueue to the JMSCopierTest class as follows: Note, you will... Continue Reading →

Installing ActiveMQ JMS Messaging System

For our next Camel example we need to install ActiveMQ to use as a JMS Messaging System. Download ActiveMQ Download the latest version of ActiveMQ from To run on a Mac, I downloaded the apache-activemq-5.9.0-bin.tar.gz and copied it to /Applications/Development, where I expanded it to give: /Applications/Development/apache-activemq-5.9.0 Configure ActiveMQ You need to set ACTIVEMQ_HOME to point to /Applications/Development/apache-activemq-5.9.0, and set... Continue Reading →

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