Create a Simple TiddlyWiki Page

In this post we are going to create a simple TiddlyWiki page with a Contents tab that contains a Journal and Tasks.

Download TiddlyWiki

This downloads a single html file.

  • rename this file to what you want to call it
  • in this example I will rename it to notes.html

Open the file in your browser

Edit your Getting Started tiddler

note how the title and subtitle change on the right hand side as you type

  • click on the red tick to save your changes
  • close the Getting Started tiddler by clicking the X

Create a Contents tiddler

  • click on the + symbol
  • rename your tiddler to Contents
  • click the grey tick or the red tick to save the changes

Create a Tasks Tiddler

  • click + to create a tiddler
  • change the title to Tasks
  • click the grey tick

Create a Journal Tiddler

  • click the + to create a new Tiddler
  • change the title to Journal
  • click the grey tick to

Create a tab for the Contents Tiddler

  • edit the Contents tiddler by clicking the pen
  • enter $:/tags/SideBar in the tagname field
  • click the grey tick

Mow you can see the new Contents tab on the right hand side

Move the Contents Tab to the far Left

  • open Contents
  • in the field name field type list-before
  • in the field value field type $:/core/ui/SideBar/Open
  • click add
  • save the Contents Tiddler

Make Contents the Default Sidebar Tab

  • click on the black gear – settings
  • in ControlPanel click on the settings tab
  • in the Default Sidebar Tab dropdown, select Contents
  • click the grey cross to save and close

Modify Contents to display all Tiddlers with a Contents tag

  • edit Contents
  • in the text block enter the following code:
<<toc-selective-expandable 'Contents' sort[title]>>

This tells the Wiki to display a selective exandable table of contents, using as a source all the tiddlers with a tagname of Contents and to sort those tiddlers by title

  • save the Contents tiddler

Add the Contents tag to Journal and Tasks

  • edit Journal
  • type Contents into the tagname field
  • click add
  • click save (grey tick)
  • edit Tags
  • type Contents into the tagname field
  • click add
  • click save (grey tick)

now we can see Journal and Tasls under the Contents tab and we can click on either one of them to open the associated content.

Create a Tasks sub category called ToDo

  • create a new tiddler called ToDo
  • in the tagname enter Tasks
  • click add
  • save the tiddler

Now in the Contents Tab we can see ToDo as a subcategory of Tasks

Add a new Tasks subcategory called Completed

Add the Close All and Journal Menu Controls

  • click on the Tools tab
  • check close all
  • check new journal

Close all Tabs

  • click the Close all menu control
  • click the Contents tab

Remove the Numbers from the Contents List

  • click on the Recent tab
  • click on Contents
  • edit the Contents tiddler
  • wrap the toc-selective entry in a div
<div class="tc-table-of-contents">
<<toc-selective-expandable 'Contents' sort[title]>>
  • save the changes

Create a Journal Entry

  • Click on the New Journal menu control
  • edit your journal entry
  • save the entry

Now we can see the new Journal entry under Journal under the Contents tab

Next: add tasks to our wiki page


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