Creating a TiddlyWiki TiddlyMap

TiddlyMap allows us to create tiddlers and link them together graphically

Install TiddlyWiki

  • Go to and click Download Empty
  • rename the downloaded empty.html to tiddlymap.html
  • open tiddlymap.html in Firefox (this is the most stable browser for tiddlywiki

Install TiddlyMap

drag the first link (TW5-TiddlyMap) to your browser window containing your WIKI

release the link and an import tiddler will be created

drag the rest of the links over the import tiddler

  • click on import
  • save and reload

note that a new tab of Map has appeared

  • click the Map tab

Create a New View

  • click on the menu icon (the three horizontal bars)
  • click create new view
  • give the new a name of Places to Visit

Add some places

  • click Add Node
  • click anywhere on the map
  • repeat for several more nodes
    • UK
    • England
    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • London
    • Edinburgh
    • Cardiff

Link the topics

  • click Add Edge
  • click UK and drag to England
  • enter a type of Country
  • click OK
  • repeat the process until you have the map displayed above

Modify the edge style for the Country link

  • double click a Country link to open the Edge-Type Manager
  • click the Styling tab
  • uncheck enabled for arrows
  • change the color to green
  • check dashes
  • click save
  • click quit
  • repeat for City to get the following

Add some places to visit

  • double click London – this will open the London tiddler
  • edit the tiddler as follows
  • save the tiddler
  • repeat for Edinburgh and Cardiff to produce the following

Change the node colours

  • click on the UK node
  • click Edit Node in the Map menu bar
  • change the border and background to green
  • change the rest of the nodes to stylise your map


note how when we hover the mouse over a node, the contents of that node are displayed on the map


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