Social and Networking Sites and Tools

This will be an ever growing list of Social Sites that can be found on the internet.


WordPress – a blogging site

Blogger – a blogging site

Buying and Selling

Ebay – online auctions

Face to Face Meetings

Meetup – social and business meetings


Whatsapp – a popular free messaging app

Cotap – workplace messaging

Kik – smartphone messaging

Payment and Money Transfer

PayPal – secure online payment and merchant services


Storify – tell a story with your pictures

Pinterest – everything from tag lined pictures to info graphics

Flickr – online Photo albums

Instagram – online Photo albums

Tumblr – online photo albums and interests

Social Networking

Facebook – an online community

Google+ – Google’s answer to Facebook

Twitter – your life and interests in just 140 characters

Linkedin – the business-man’s Facebook

Circle – The local network

Yammer – Private social network for your company


Skype – free networked calls, cheap landline calls, and messaging

FaceTime – Apple’s own free telephony system across Apple Devices


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