Drools 6.x Basic Example

Creating the Project Open Eclipse New -> Maven Project (simple project) Simple Project Group Id: com.skills421.examples.drools Artifact Id: Drools6.xExample Finish Structure pom.xml Rule Runner src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.controller.RuleRunner RuleRunnerException src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.exceptions.RuleRunnerException Fact src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.facts.Fact RuleResponse src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.facts.RuleResponse Person src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.facts.Person Rules src/main/resources/com/skills421/examples/drools/people DrinkingRules.drl kmodule.xml src/main/resources/META-INF kmodule.xml Main src/main/java com.skills421.examples.drools.Main Output

Java, Fitnesse, JBoss, EAP, Drools on Yosemite

Took the plunge and upgraded my Mac to OS X Yosemite. The Mac rebooted fine and even opened the previously unclosed windows from before reboot. Opening JBoss Developer Studio prompted me to download the correct version of Java and then took me straight to the Apple website where I could download Java for OS X … Continue reading Java, Fitnesse, JBoss, EAP, Drools on Yosemite