Migrate your WordPress.com blog to your local machine

https://youtu.be/QyRDg6i8CaA Download MAMP Download MAMP from mamp.info Configure MAMP Go into MAMP -> PreferencesGeneral TabCheck EverythingStart ServersCheck for updatesOpen WebSTart pageStop ServersPorts TabDefaultsApache Port: 8888Nginx Port: 8888MySQL Port: 8889PHP TabDefaultsWeb ServerApacheDocument Root - select a suitable folder location to store your WordPress Site - e.g WebServersMySQL defaultsClouddefaults Download and Install WordPress go to https://wordpress.org/ and... Continue Reading →

Import Stackoverflow into Neo4j

Download the Stackoverflow Archives https://archive.org/details/stackexchangedownloadstackoverflow.com-Badges.7zstackoverflow.com-Comments.7zstackoverflow.com-PostHistory.7zstackoverflow.com-PostLinks.7zstackoverflow.com-Posts.7zstackoverflow.com-Tags.7zstackoverflow.com-Users.7zstackoverflow.com-Votes.7z Install p7zip brew install p7zip Unzip the Posts, Users and Tags 7za -y -oextracted x *Users.7z7za -y -oextracted x *Tags.7z7za -y -oextracted x *Posts.7z Review the Extracted XML files Users.xml - 3.53GBTags.xml - 5MBPosts.xml - 74GB Clone stackoverflow-neo4j git clone https://github.com/mdamien/stackoverflow-neo4j Install Python brew install python3sudo pip3 install xmltodict Extract... Continue Reading →

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