Create WordPress Multi-Site on AWS LightSail (part 1)

Create your LightSail / WordPress Instance

  • login to
  • from Services select LightSail
  • click Create Instance
  • choose Region and Availability Zone
  • choose Linux / Unix as platform
  • choose WordPress Multi-Site as blueprint
  • click Create Instance

Get your WordPress Admin Password

  • go to LightSail Instance View
  • click inside the orange square in your running WordPress instance

this launches the ssh quick connect console

  • ls
  • cat bitnami_application_password

Get the IP Address of your Running WordPress Instance

  • go to LightSail Instance View
  • copy the IP address from the bottom right of the running WordPress instance

Login to your WordPress Console

  • open a browser
  • navigate to: http://<ip-address>/wp-login.php
  • enter username: user
  • enter password: <the WordPress Admin Password from above>

Create a Static IP Address

  • go to LightSail Instance View
  • click the Networking tab
  • click Create Static IP
  • select the WordPress instance
  • click Create

Create a DNS Zone

  • go to LightSail Instance View
  • click the Networking tab
  • click Create DNS Zone
  • enter: <>
  • click Create DNS Zone

The page will display the DNS Server addresses.
Use these to update your NS records with your domain provider.

Create the DNS A Record for your WordPress Site

  • go to LightSail Instance View
  • click the Networking tab
  • click <>
  • add record
    • A Record
    • put @ in the subdomain box
    • click inside the maps to box
    • select your static ip address
  • click the green tick to save

You can now login to your WordPress instance using your domain name:


Configure WordPress Multi-Site

  • ssh into your running WordPress instance
  • cd /opt/bitnami/app/wordpress
  • sudo ./bnconfig -machine_hostname

Disable the bnconfig tool to stop it resetting the machine hostname
to it’s ip address every time it restarts

  • sudo mv bnconfig bnconfig.disabled

Add a WordPress Site as a sub-Domain

  • login to the WordPress console
  • My Sites -> Network Admin -> Sites
  • Add New
  • enter subdomain – e.g. subdomain

This now provides a site address (url) of

  • add Site Title
  • select Language
  • add Admin Email
  • click Add Site

Create an A Record for the sub-domain

  • open DNS record for
  • add Record
    • A Record
    • enter subdomain as above – e.g. subdomain
    • click inside the Resolves To box
    • select the WordPress static-ip address
  • click green tick to save changes

You can now access your subdomain site through

Remove the Bitnami Admin Banner for people viewing Your Site

  • launch the ssh quick connect console
  • sudo touch /opt/bitnami/apps/bitnami/banner/disable-banner

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