Moving to the Cloud is not enough

I don’t think there are many people who would dispute that moving to the cloud is a good thing. The benefits are many, and if your migration is managed professionally, then the return on investment can be quite substantial.

But, moving to the cloud alone is not enough. You have to embrace it; and more importantly your staff and your departments have to embrace it too.

Many SMEs, Corporations and Government departments rely on appropriations to approve and source services and supplies. They are a valuable asset, able to reduce redundant costs and to negotiate centrally.

But the cloud is dynamic. It responds to customer demand, scaling servers up and down to match that demand as it changes and more importantly as it happens. The days of purchasing equipment in anticipation of demand are over. You can actually respond immediately. It’s a very useful system that means that your business only pays for the services it uses, and is always able to service your customers.

But where is appropriations in this? If anywhere at all, they should be at the beginning; certainly not in the middle. Imagine a company, hosted in the cloud who need to spin up another server to match customer demand that is happening now – and a request for approval gets sent to appropriations.


That is not where you want to be. If you enjoy a sudden surge in customers, you do not want your extra server capacity to meet that demand being held up whilst you wait for approval. By the time it comes through, your customers have gone elsewhere and your servers are overwhelmed and down.

This is why using a Cloud Partner is important. They will talk you through all these and other issues and make certain that you as a company are ready to migrate. It is not just about migrating your computer system – it is about migrating your business.

I have had dealings with a great Cloud Partner in the past and would strongly recommend them – so if you’re thinking of moving to the cloud – take a look at 1Tech

It’s better to get it right first time.

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