Install Gnu Compilers on Mac OS

Download latest version of XCode Open Terminal Session enter the following: xcode-select --install This will prompt you to install the command line developer tools click install Download the latest gnu compilers from here latest archive of the GNU compilers in terminal cd to your downloads folder containing the downloaded file run the following command: sudo tar xvf... Continue Reading →

CSS Resources

Web Standards W3C - Specifications CSS3 RoadMap Browser Compatibility http://caniuse.com Colors CSS Reset CSS Preprocessors / Development Accelerators CSS Editors Basic EditorsNotePad++- http://notepad-plus-plus.orgTextMate- https://macromates.comsnapcss- Focussed EditorsRapid CSS- http://www.rapidcsseditor.comSimple CSS- Stylizer - http://www.skybound.caWeb Development SuitesCoffeeCup- Coda - Online CSS Tools http://css3generator.comhttp://css3.mehttp://css3please.comhttp://layerstyles.orghttp://css3.mikeplate.comhttp://www.css3maker.comhttp://colorzilla.com CSS... Continue Reading →

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