A User’s View On Drools

How and when to use JBoss Drools and Rule Engine’s per se.

An excellent article from somebody who has used it before…


To whet your appetite:

“I can definitely say I’m now aware of how to NOT use Jboss Drools: presentation logic, workflow management, and so on.

Jboss Drools is not garbage. Jboss Drools is a great tool… if it’s used for what it’s designed: helping you with the LOGIC RULES of your application.

The problem is that often people choose which technologies need to be put into their stack basing on how these technologies seem cool, or have an high-sounding name, instead of the real need to use them, nor after some good (or at least, performed) scouting. 

Drools it’s not (so) quick to learn, (definitely) not quick to integrate, not (that) easy to mantain, and if it’s used for the wrong purposes, it will devour weeks/months of work for results probably different (probably lower) than expected.”


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