Drools 5.x – Quick Ref – Mind Map

Quick Ref 1 - KnowledgeBase and Logging Quick Ref 2 - Rule Samples


Working with Accumulate

This example follows on from Drools5.6 Basic Example This is a quick example that shows a very simple use of the accumulate statement. Problem Write a rule that accumulates and stores the number of iPhone and Android devices owned by students, so that further rules can analyse and act on that information. The Code pom.xml … Continue reading Working with Accumulate

Maven Pom Transfer Artifact Error

One nice little problem that has given us a bit of trouble recently is pom errors where non were expected. A typical error message would be: This is cause by failed repository downloads, where Maven thinks they have already downloaded and so Maven cannot build the project. The solution to this is to remove all … Continue reading Maven Pom Transfer Artifact Error