Credit Card Customer Writes his own Contract

The idea of beating the banks at their own game may seem like a rich joke, but Dmitry Agarkov, a 42-year-old Russian man, may have managed it. Unhappy with the terms of an unsolicited credit card offer he received from online bank Tinkoff Credit Systems, Agarkov scanned the document, wrote in his own terms and sent... Continue Reading →

Business Support and Funding

Looking for Grants, Loans or Investment in your Business or ideas? Here are a few useful links that may help you get started: Business Startup Grants How to Apply for a Business Grant Finance Finance and Support for your Business Business Gateway Innovate UK Enterprise and Industry - European Commission EU - Access... Continue Reading →

Social and Networking Sites and Tools

This will be an ever growing list of Social Sites that can be found on the internet. Blogging WordPress - a blogging site Blogger - a blogging site Buying and Selling Ebay - online auctions Face to Face Meetings Meetup - social and business meetings Messaging Whatsapp - a popular free messaging app Cotap - workplace messaging Kik... Continue Reading →

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