The following example fetches Facebook data in a background process and passes the data to the GUI.

SwingWorker<User, String> fetchUserWorker = new SwingWorker<User, String>()
            protected User doInBackground() throws Exception
                IFacebookController controller = new RestFBController(accessToken);

                User user = controller.fetchMe();

                return user;

            protected void done()
                User user;
                    BackgroundProcess.this.mainGui.appendProgressLog("Fetched user record");

                    // get the user object from doInBackground()
                    user = get();
                catch (InterruptedException | ExecutionException e)
                    BackgroundProcess.this.mainGui.appendProgressLog("ERROR fetching facebook data "+e.getMessage());


        BackgroundProcess.this.mainGui.appendProgressLog("Fetch Current User - Connecting to Facebook");


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