Custom Annotations in Java

Writing Custom Annotations in Java is poorly described in the manuals - but these articles give a pretty good overview.  We'll be publishing our own articles shortly. Examples of Custom Annotations in Java - ConcretePage The Standalone Custom Annotation Question - StackOverflow Spring Custom Annotations using Context Component Scan


Laptop Stand for your Sofa

Much as I hate to plug the corporates - I bought this laptop stand from IKEA nearly 7 years ago and it has served me well.  Mine is currently held together with bits of wire, tape and a screwdriver but it's still good for another 7 years (spot the guy from Yorkshire). My true reason … Continue reading Laptop Stand for your Sofa

Search Engine Optimisation

The following links cover a host of concepts and checks for Search Engine Optimisation of your web site: Advertising Google Adwords Broadcasting Your Posts Hints and Tips Improve your Google Ranking HTML Meta Tags Cache Control Making Money Google Adsense Site Checks SEO Site Checkup Web Site Optimization Pear Analytics Website and Domain Information … Continue reading Search Engine Optimisation