Drools Rules

This tutorial is an excerpt from the new Skills421 (www.skills421.com) training course that I am writing for JBOSS Drools.

In part1 we covered the Problem Domain, in part2 we set up our project to work with Drools 5.4.0.Final and JUnit, and in part3 we will create the Classes for our Facts that we are going to pass to the Rule Engine.

In part4 we created the Person class which is the type of Fact that we insert into the Rule Engine, we created the Rule Runner that will build the Knowledge Base for our Rule Engine and insert our Facts into the Rule Engine, and we created and ran our first rule.

Now in part5 we will modify our rules to identify possible Father – Son relationships in the People from whom we have derived our facts.

Refining Our Rules

The first thing we will do is add…

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