Installing Eclipse


Download 64 bit Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

This will download the following file: eclipse-jee-juno-SR2-macosx-cocoa-x86_64.tar

Copy the file to Applications and then double-click it to expand it

This creates and Eclipse folder containing the Eclipse Application

Drag the Eclipse Icon to the task bar for easy access

Click the icon in the task bar to open Eclipse

Install Drools Plug-in

Drools and Maven Hello World example

Install Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP

Help Install New Software

Add Name: Drools

Click Drools and JBPM


Configure Eclipse for JBoss Drools

Open Eclipse

Help -> Eclipse Marketplace

Search for Drools

Install JBoss Tools 3.3.2 (Not 4.x as it does not support Drools yet)


You can choose to install either JBoss Tools (Juno) 4.0.1.Final or JBoss Developer Studio Version 6.0

I have decided to install Developer Studio after reading this document:

Click on Install under JBoss Developer Studio Version 6.0


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